Neon Signs in South India

Neon Signs ! That's what we are all about ! We are your One-Stop-Shop for all your Indoor & Outdoor Sign advertising needs. We specialize in Neon, LED and other illuminated signs including point-of-purchase signs. We offer durable Vinyl Graphic and Plastic backlit outdoor signs, as well as Polished or Brushed Metal signs. We also undertake repair services and maintenance of your existing illuminated signs.

We can bring you Neon & LED Signs in any Design and/or Language of your choice

NEW We offer you the latest in light technologies such as LED signs and interior decorative lighting. We also offer complete Building Elevations - Curtain Walling with Aluminium Composite Paneling and Structural Glass.

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How Neon Signs are useful for Businesses?

Kovai Medical Center, Coimbatore Kovai Medical Center

Sony SharpTronics, Coimbatore Sony SharpTronics

TVS, Coimbatore TVS Southern Roadways

Krishnaa Medical, Coimbatore Krishnaa Medical

Alagu Pharmacy, Coimbatore Alagu Pharmacy

KR Bakes KR Bakes

Konica Konica Color Labs

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How Neon Signs are useful for Businesses?

  • Neon Signs are more attention-getting and have more memorable appeal than conventional advertising billboards.
  • They last long. Professionally created and managed Neon Signs can last for 15 to 20 Years. Compared to billboards which need to be replaced once in 2 to 3 years, Neon Signs are the real deal for your advertising needs.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Neon Signs DO NOT consume high power. In fact, they consume less power than equally bright signs that use tubelights.
  • They can be custom-made to your preferences.
  • Neon Signs can be made in "50" different colors in the same sign.
  • They are portable, being self contained units.
  • They are not harmful to the environment.
  • Neon Signs are not just for Outdoor Advertising or Shop Signs. They can be very effectively used for Art and Interior Decoration purposes.